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Tieshan Temple National Forest Park

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Location: Huaian
Address: Xuyi County, Huai’an, Jiangsu, China
Fee: 50 Yuan/ticket, student 25 Yuan/ticket
Operation: 7:30 – 18:30 Monday to Sunday
Route: Xuyi County is connected by the Ninglian Expressway (Nanjing – Lianyungang) and the Ning-Su-Xu Expressway (Nanjing – Suqian – Xuzhou). Traveling by car takes about four hours from Shanghai (400 kms), Wuxi, Changzhou, and Hefei; one and a half hours from Nanjing (150 kms); one hour from Nanjing Luokou International Airport and Xuzhou Guanyin Airport.

Phone: 86-517-876 2808
Email: tsslgz@hotmail.com

The forest park is located in a hilly land with sea level between 100 to 200 meters, surrounded by Xuyi County of Jiangsu Province and two counties of Anhui Province, Jiashan and Lai’an. The park occupies an area of 61.58 square kilometers and is the largest conservation area for wild animals and plants in the Jiangsu Province and is under environment protection by all levels of the government.

The park is entitled with the name of the temple, Tieshan Temple, which was established 1,800 years ago. The park was later divided into three major parts: Tieshan Buddhist Temple, Tianquan Lake, and the forest conservation land.

With a well protected natural environment, the park has been chosen as one of the top fifty places to visit for international tourists based on two million votes online.

Tieshan Temple

The temple was initially established in 182 A.D., 1,800 years ago, by Yan Fudiao, a famous Buddhist monk in the Han Dynasty. The construction project took more than 15 years to complete, occupying a land of 15-30 hectares. In later dynasties, the temple had become so famous that a large number of new temples were erected in the adjacent areas. Unfortunately, most of these temples were demolished in wartime. Local government reconstructed the Tieshan Temple in 1998 and the reconstruction took three years.

Tianquan Lake

The lake occupies nine square kilometers of the park’s territory and is an attractive site for travelers. The lake water is well protected.

Forest conservation land

The forest conservation land harbors a great diversity of living species with more than 500 plant species, over 40 wild animal species, many birds and insects. Some of these species are listed under the endangered species category.


The park provides numerous entertainment facilities. The Zijinshan Observatory, the internationally famed Chinese astronomical academy, has set its division in the park to take advantage of the surrounding atmosphere excellent for astronomical observations.

As one of the highly conserved natural habitats, Tieshan Temple Forest Park has been designated as a national nature reserve.

A tourist attraction with the highest national 4-AAAA ranking and one of the fifty best places worth to tour in China for international tourists, which were selected by 2 million online responses. The park has a vocational village providing accommodations. Highly recommended.

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